Adamas One Corp is a micro-cap technology company in the consumer luxury goods sector. As the only pure play Lab-Grown Diamond manufacturer in the public market, we offer investors a unique opportunity to benefit from the fastest growing sector in luxury goods, Lab-Grown Diamonds (LGD). Our patent protected and disruptive technology is on trend offering sustainability, social consciousness and ecological friendliness relative to mined diamonds. Our diamonds are chemically, optically and physically identical to the world's best mined diamonds and offer a smarter alternative to diamond buyers who care about the environment and humanity.

Adamas One Corp, is the original lab grown company (tm), enabling investors to leverage over $60M in investments made over two decades and participate in an $80B retail diamond jewelry market. Recent market studies (1) indicate that 80% of diamond consumers are aware of LGD and consumers believe LGD to be more sustainable than mined diamonds. In addition, LGD offer the consumer a more affordable solution - putting larger, clearer and more beautiful, real diamonds into the rings and other jewelry of budget conscious consumers.

A diamond held in prongs

Scalability of this technology provides investors significant opportunity in a rapidly growing segment inside of a large established diamond market. Scalability beyond jewelry and into industrial applications, with large single crystal diamond, provides investors an even larger intermediate term opportunity, as quantum computing, high-performance electronics and precision manufacturing begin to exploit the superior physical properties of affordable diamond.

(1) MVEye Gaining Critical Mass, LGD Consumer Trade
Report [October 28, 2020]

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